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Salon 210 is a family of independent hairdressers working collectively as a team offering creative and organic solutions in hair design.

Our family invites you to be a guest!

SALON 210 is the place to get healthy vibrant looking hair color and a fashion forward haircut. We pride our selves on making our guests feel like they are family and the salon is an extension of our homes. Caring for our guests is what we are here to do and one way is by using healthy hair care products. Using SURFACE styling products, which completely respects personal health and the earth, you and your hair will be happy & healthier. We also think that being educated in our field is the best way to keep our Salon210 guests in the fashion know. You may not want to be a trend setter but we will not let you stay stuck in the past either. Getting the best has never been easier than with a trip to SALON 210

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    Yearning for a new look, a reno of your current look, or just a little snip here and there? SALON 210 understands health and happiness and loves bringing that to your hair! Our stylists are well versed in the classic techniques as well as the most current and trendy cuts. With the latest style training, experience, and a passion for what we do, SALON 210 is the leading salon for all your style needs.


    In today’s world, color is not just a concept. It’s a form of expression and a “feeling”. Coloring creates that personal and unique look on the outside that we are feeling on the inside. It’s no longer just getting your hair back to the “old you”, it’s about becoming the you that you dream of. We specialize in color treatments that give you a freth, smooth, natural beauty to your locks in whatever shade or color you desire.


    SALON 210 is more than just a cut, color and style salon. We know your time is valuable and are here to provide you the highest quality of hair and skin care services that we can in the time that you have to share with us. We proudly provide a variety of luxury treatments for hair and skin to smooth, repair and rebuild the essential elements and oils that are lost in our day-to-day living and styling. We invite you to try any of our luxury treatments to give you that little extra, that we all deserve from time to time!